General Orientation of My Practice

My vision of the work I do with people who come to see me is that I am a servant of their inner resourcefulness which will allow them to resolve the challenges they face in their lives and actually live the life they want. Those challenges may involve marriages and other relationships, work, career, depression, anxiety, stress, divorce, loss, grief, health problems, the world of faith and spirituality, and a wide array of other problems that are common to all of us who share this human experience.

In addition to my training and license as a clinical social worker I have been blessed to have had excellent and extensive training in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), which is a veritable treasure trove of liberating and empowering understandings and perspectives as well as powerful and transforming change processes. I am continuously adding to my capability to be a better servant by study and practice in other transformational methods: hypnosis and trance work, meditation practices, the work of the HeartMath Institute, and the on-going insights and practices flowing from Positive Psychology.

One of the unique resources I bring to my 30+ years of therapy practice is a masters degree in theology and 45+ years of working professionally in religious education. My interest in and engagement in issues of faith and spirituality has been life-long.