“My first appointment with Jim had an immediate and decisive effect. Jim is an extraordinary listener. He helps me to see the world in new ways that make sense to me, and he empowers me to act on that fresh vision. I always leave his office upbeat, believing all things are possible. Jim has helped me see that healthy approaches to life and relationships are not hard to develop. All I have to do is look inside myself.”

–Married, academic with young children

“I’ve known Jim Reid for over 30 years. He helped my children (now amazing adults with their own children) learn and grow both spiritually and intellectually. As a counselor, Jim also provided meaningful guidance as my former wife and I navigated the complexities of our divorce. After the divorce, Jim and I have continued to successfully explore additional methods of personal growth during our counseling sessions. He has given me the tools and appropriate guidance to help navigate my inner and outer worlds in a caring, loving, and intelligent manner. I feel that working with Jim has made a significant difference in my life.”

–Professional health care worker

“I began seeing Jim in 2006 to assist me with some generalized anxiety I was experiencing at the time. Jim equipped me with a tremendous amount of tools to handle that issue and many others that have come up since. Although that particular issue resolved, I have relied upon his expertise and thoughtful guidance on many life stages since then; marriage, children, illness, work issues, etc. I so appreciate his perspective on these various situations and, thanks to him, I have a toolbox from which to draw on in order to handle future issues as they arise. I am so grateful for his role in helping me cope and thrive through some very difficult times.”

–Fort Collins City employee

“Jim Reid is one of the finest therapists around. Deep, complicated emotional wounds such as PTSD are a challenge for any therapist or counselor to help with. These require an unusual level of discretion, gentleness, integrity, and hopefulness. Jim Reid is one of the rare therapists I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone needing help for healing such wounds, and doing so in a practical, efficient, unobtrusive way. And creativity — Jim brainstormed some individualized hypnotherapy patterns with me for my surgical work, and they’ve worked wonderfully, as well as giving a new level of meaning to doctor-patient relationships. I’m very grateful to have worked with him.”


“I’ve seen many counselors over the years and they’ve all been helpful in their own way but Jim has been able to tap into the core of my struggles in a way others have not. Best of all, his way of seeing the struggles and moving through a process of healing is completely smooth and stress free. The dread of facing my problems no longer exists. I actually look forward to his processes and reflection. Truly, Jim has changed my life.”

–Self employed entrepreneur